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Today, China is already a major manufacturing country in the world, and the results it has achieved continue to amaze the world. Our manufacturing companies are also replacing labor with automated machinery. However, more than 80% of the core components of China's automated machinery still rely on imports and are subject to others. We have to admit that compared with high-end machinery in developed countries, there is a big gap in China's machinery manufacturing in terms of design and processing equipment, materials, and technology. 

In order to break the monopoly of imported products, make up for the vacancy of domestic high-precision reducers, and conform to the country's general trend of transition from "Made in China" to "Made in China", Shenzhen Zhuochuang Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. entered the mechanical transmission field from a high starting point , With great concentration in the development and manufacture of high-precision reducers, and quickly accumulated a good reputation in the industry, and won wide praise from users. 


Shenzhen Zhuochuang Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is a vigorous modern transmission technology enterprise. Zhuochuang focuses on providing modern transmission technology and solutions for machinery and equipment companies. 

Zhuochuang products are widely used in robotics, 3C automation equipment, medical equipment, experimental education equipment, numerical control equipment, testing equipment, printing and packaging equipment, photovoltaic lithium battery equipment, amusement film and television equipment, rubber and plastic machinery, construction machinery and other light and heavy industries. Precision control field. In order to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, and ensure long-term stability of accuracy, Zhuochuang has introduced a full set of manufacturing processes, equipment and testing methods from Germany, the United States and Japan. The product quality has been highly recognized by many well-known companies such as Foxconn, BYD, Harbin Institute of Technology, Xianggang, Dayang Electric, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Hefei University of Technology, Chongqing University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Xiamen University, etc. 

Zhuochuang adheres to the corporate culture of "excellent interpretation of classics, innovation for the future, people-oriented, helping others succeed, and realizing self-worth". Based on the business principle of "excellent quality wins the respect of customers, and innovative services to repay customers' trust", with the positioning of "precision machinery uses Zhuochuang precision reducers", we are committed to building a leading brand of precision reducers in China.



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