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Analysis on the application fields of precision planetary reducer?

Time:2020-10-31    Edit by ZhuoChuang

A gear reducer specially designed for cranes used in the transmission of lifting equipment was successfully developed by Hengyu Guoqiang recently, which has attracted widespread attention in the field of domestic lifting equipment manufacturing.

According to reports, the core technology of this new type of transmission equipment is that the connection device between its power and the transmission part is transmitted by a traditional shaft connector. It is upgraded to a Huajian connection transmission specially made by introducing and digesting foreign technology. Its core components are concentric and parallel. The degree and accuracy have reached the international leading level. Compared with similar domestic equipment, this new type of equipment saves one-third of metal materials, reduces its volume by one-third, reduces noise by more than decibels, and increases use efficiency by more than 60%, while its cost is only one-third of domestic similar equipment .  

Precision planetary reducers are widely used transmission and speed control equipment in major equipment manufacturing industries. They are widely used in many areas of the national economy, such as modern scientific research, national defense, transportation, metallurgy, chemical engineering, and infrastructure construction.


For a long time, most of my country's self-produced reduction transmission equipment belonged to general-purpose products, and people tended to position this type of equipment in low-end products. With the acceleration of economic globalization, transmission equipment manufacturing giants in Germany, France, Japan and other countries have seized China and occupied the mid-to-high-end market of my country's reducer. In order to increase the domestic market share of domestic equipment and create national independent brands, my country’s chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries have high requirements on the sealing performance of transmission equipment. For a long time, the poor sealing performance of domestic transmission equipment has caused various industrial gases, liquids, dust, etc. Serious pollution of toxic substances.

In recent years, domestic large-scale reducer manufacturers have also developed high-power, coaxial gear reducers for road rollers, rammers, road excavators and other equipment to meet the needs of construction machinery and equipment; adapt to mines and underground operations Y series gear reducer for transportation; planetary series reducer for high-temperature and high-pressure application equipment; series products of more than 20 categories and hundreds of specifications, such as a rotating arm planetary continuously variable speed reducer with a wide range of engineering variable speeds .