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Is Zhuochuang hollow rotating platform expensive? That kind of hollow rotating platform is better

Time:2020-10-29    Edit by ZhuoChuang

Many users who used DD motor cam dividers in the past, and some due to equipment space constraints, now many companies have chosen Aston hollow rotating platform reducers. The emergence of this product efficiently solves the problem of temporary use of equipment space. So what is the price of this hollow rotating platform?


1. The price of Zhuochuang hollow rotating platform reducer

Now the price of hollow rotating platforms is even more uneven, whether it is online or offline, because the price is very different for different models and specifications, and the specific price still needs to be quoted according to the needs of use, and the matching motor will also be different. Variations affecting prices. (This requires the hollow rotating platform manufacturer to configure the motor to affect the price.) If the user matches the motor and only purchases the hollow rotating platform, then the price will not be affected by the motor.

Now the hollow rotating platform is a very mature product. The price of the hollow rotating platform in the initial stage will be more expensive, because the materials of its main parts are imported and the cost is high, so the sales price will also be changed. The increase.

2. How to choose Zhuochuang hollow rotating platform reducer

To choose a hollow rotating platform, you need to provide the parameters required by the equipment, load, disk diameter, speed, installation method, how many stations on the disk, etc.