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Application of Zhuochuang Transmission Planetary Reducer in Parallel Robot

Time:2020-10-29    Edit by ZhuoChuang

Parallel robot is a new type of robot, which has a series of advantages such as large rigidity, strong carrying capacity, high precision, low weight-to-load ratio, good dynamic performance, and easy control. In the era of increasing labor costs, this technology is widely used in various fields of the packaging industry, such as the food and beverage equipment industry, packaging and printing industry, logistics and transportation equipment industry and many other industries to achieve rapid grasping and improve work efficiency. With the development of advanced manufacturing technology, parallel robots will have very good development prospects.


In recent years, domestic robot manufacturers and equipment manufacturers have begun to develop Delta parallel robots. However, due to the relatively short development time of Delta parallel robots in my country, the performance indicators such as load capacity and motion speed of domestic Delta parallel robots are inferior to foreign Delta parallel robots. In order to improve load capacity and motion speed, domestic manufacturers often purchase foreign high-end servo reducers. However, it increased production costs and lost its competitive advantage.

The high-precision planetary reducer produced by Shenzhen Zhuochuang Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. can completely replace foreign planetary reducers and make up for the vacancy of domestic high-precision transmission products. Only to make China become the world's largest manufacturing power. Zhuochuang Transmission: Only born for the powerful Chinese transmission machinery.