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How did the brand come from?

Time:2020-10-28    Edit by ZhuoChuang

1. The most important goal of any company, whether it is a large company or a small company, whether it is a new company or a listed company. Because it wants to be profitable. So it must cost less and gain more. So advertising alone is not enough. As long as you can sell something, it doesn’t matter if you don’t smash advertising. It will become a brand. If there are any or many that can sell things without advertising, Huawei will not do it.

2. The boss of Jumei said that when they first started, when they had the least money, they made the most. Because the money is less, they know how to plan carefully, and they know how to do very money with a penny, so the point at that time is not on advertising, not on spending hard work on advertising. It's just trying to figure out how to spend less money, get more results, and even do not spend money to have an effect.

3. There are thousands of strategies for Taobao, and so is Alibaba and Baidu. It doesn't have to depend on those pieces of tofu. When we think about it, we know that the tofu block is so small, but Taobao drives the employment of millions and tens of millions of people. It is enough to find the position that suits you best. For example, next to the safflower, there are also green leaves, and there are many flowers and plants to set it off. Don't always think about money, don't always think about relying on money, eBay was knocked down by Taobao, even though there was a lot of money.


So far, I have not seen a brand that is purely smashed through advertising. Of course, there are integration and packaging, but it is not pure. Therefore, it is impossible to smash the brand. Profit, sustained and stable profit is the most important thing. Otherwise, just like Vancl, even if the advertising control is so good, everything is difficult.

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