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Internal structure diagram of precision planetary reducer

Time:2020-10-29    Edit by ZhuoChuang

Planetary reducers are widely used in the reducer industry. Planetary reducers are called precision planetary reducers, servo planetary reducers, precision servo planetary reducers... The planetary reducers are divided into single-stage planetary reducers according to the number of gears inside. Engine, two-stage planetary reducer and three-stage planetary reducer.

The concept of planetary reducer series:

The main transmission structure of the planetary reducer includes planetary gears, sun gears, and inner gears. The series here refers to a set of planetary gears, sun gears, and inner gears, which are called single-stage.

Number of stages: the number of sets of planetary gears

Since one set of planetary gears cannot meet the larger transmission ratio, sometimes 2 or 3 sets are needed to meet the requirements of supporting larger transmission ratios. Due to the increase in the number of planetary gears, the length of the 2-stage or 3-stage reducer will be reduced. Increase, efficiency will decrease.

One-piece flange at the output end of the precision planetary reducer:


Integrated output shaft of precision planetary reducer:


Precision planetary reducer without backlash transmission input shaft:


The connecting flange of the input end of the precision planetary reducer:


Features of precision planetary reducer:

Planetary reducer has large reduction ratio, high transmission efficiency, small size, light weight, few failures, long life, stable and reliable operation, low noise, convenient disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance, compact and simple structure, strong overload capacity, impact resistance, inertia The characteristics of small torque are used in packaging machinery, numerical control equipment, auto parts manufacturing production lines, photovoltaic solar equipment, etc.