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Lubricant requirements and maintenance of planetary reducer

Time:2020-10-31    Edit by ZhuoChuang

Planetary speed reducer is suitable for the ideal driving setting of wheeled or track-driven vehicles and other mobile equipment on road or off road. Mainly used in cranes, excavators, drilling rigs, pavers, drilling machinery, roadheaders, large mining machinery and other crawler (wheel) machinery and equipment. What should be paid attention to in the requirements and maintenance of planetary reducer lubricants?


1. Without special instructions, there is no lubricating oil in the reducer at the time of delivery. The user needs to add lubricating oil to the specified amount when using it.

2. The gears and bearings of the planetary gear transmission components are lubricated by immersion oil. Except for regular oil changes, the reducer does not require maintenance.

3. It is recommended to use L-CKD220 (40 degrees) closed industrial gear oil for gear lubricants.

4. Lubricating oil should be changed regularly. When the reducer is used for the first time, the first oil change should be carried out after 150 hours of operation, and the lubricating oil should be changed every 1000 hours or 12 months (whichever is earlier), every year Change the oil at least once.

5. It is recommended to use NLGT3 lithium-based grease for lubricating grease, which should be replaced once a week or added before restarting.

6. When the storage period of the planetary reducer exceeds one year, it must be treated again for rust prevention.

The planetary reducer is the core device of our machinery. After maintenance, we can guarantee the normal operation of the machinery and equipment. Therefore, we must maintain it in a timely manner to extend the service life of the planetary reducer.