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Advantages and disadvantages of spur gear and helical gear reducer

Time:2021-07-20    Edit by ZhuoChuang

1. The difference in appearance

It can be seen from the above figure that the helical gear is placed on the cylindrical gear in a misaligned manner, while the straight teeth are not placed in a misaligned manner.

2. The supporting planets of the planet carrier are different

The helical teeth need double support of the planet carrier, and the straight teeth can be double-supported or single-supported

3. The accuracy is different

The accuracy of the helical gear is higher than that of the straight tooth. In terms of the structure of the planetary reducer, the planet carrier of the helical planetary reducer needs a double support structure to support it, while the planet carrier of the spur planetary reducer can be used as a single support or Double support. It's just that the single support of a spur gear is far from the double support of a straight tooth in terms of accuracy, noise and efficiency. Compared with the helical planetary gear reducer, the double-support spur planetary gear reducer has higher precision than the straight gear, so the precision of the helical planetary gear reducer will be higher.

4. The noise is different

The main disadvantage of spur gear planetary reducers is that they produce vibrations. Whether due to design, manufacturing, or deformation, some changes in the involute profile may occur along the entire tooth surface at the same time. This will result in a regular, once per tooth excitation, which is often very strong. The resulting vibration not only causes a large load on the gear, but also causes noise. Therefore, the noise of a straight tooth is greater than that of a helical tooth.