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Maintenance sequence when the precision planetary reducer fails!

Time:2020-10-31    Edit by ZhuoChuang

When the reducer fails, we need to repair it, so what is the correct procedure for repair? The following small editor of precision planetary reducer will talk about it for you;

First of all, we need to check the bearing. Use heated mineral oil to clean the bearing. Gently rotate the inner race by hand and rotate it in any direction to see if there is any jamming. Check whether the gear has broken teeth and the surface. Whether there are cracks or peeling phenomena; and the ellipticity of the shaft diameter must not be greater than the specified number; also need to check the reducer case and bearing cover.


After the brand women’s clothing wholesale inspection is completed, it needs to be disassembled. First, clean the slime on the equipment and drain the waste oil; then unscrew the bolts of each part, remove the box cover of the reducer, and then remove the high-speed shaft And the passive shaft is disassembled; when the faults are repaired, the equipment must be assembled. The installation and disassembly steps can be reversed, that is, the bearing is installed first, and the joint surface of the equipment is evenly coated with sealing glue after adjusting the gap. . After all is done, you need to use it to see if everything is normal.

The above are the maintenance steps after the reducer fails. I hope this article can help you.