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How to install the small servo hollow rotating platform?

Time:2020-10-29    Edit by ZhuoChuang

The hollow rotating platform reducer can meet the direct load of the load, can realize the positioning at any angle, and has low cost. It can be used with a servo motor. It combines high transmission efficiency, high rigidity, and high cost performance. The safety direction can be freely designed.

The hollow rotating platform can realize angular positioning in a short time, and can also realize highly accurate positioning without backlash, reducing design time and shortening delivery time


How to install the small servo hollow rotating platform?

Some customers have feedback that after purchasing the hollow rotating platform, they do not know how to install it correctly. The following explains the installation method of the hollow rotating platform in detail.

First, when customizing the machine mounting plate, it is necessary to reserve the motor outlet and mounting hole on the mounting plate to expose the motor part of the hollow rotating platform. Then use two positioning pin holes (the positioning pin holes and mounting holes in GSB60 and GSN60 are shared) to install the hollow rotating platform on the machine mounting plate as shown below. Then use bolts to firmly fix the hollow rotating platform on the mounting plate.


Next, explain to users how to install the load on the hollow rotating platform.

Use the 6 mounting screw holes on the hollow rotating platform to install the load. There are two pin holes for installing the load on the hollow rotating platform, which can be used to determine the position of the load. Be sure to fix the positioning pin firmly on the load.