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What kind of reducer is a planetary reducer?

Time:2020-10-31    Edit by ZhuoChuang

There are many types of reducers, why are they called planetary reducers, and why planetary reducers are small in size, large in torque, and high in accuracy. Today, Zhuochuang Transmission Editor will answer you one by one.

First of all, from the appearance, the planetary reducer can be divided into 3 sections.

One input section: the end connected to the motor. Including input shaft hole, input flange

Second reduction section: It is also the core section of the reducer. It looks like a box in appearance. In fact, it contains the core components of planetary gears, sun gears, internal gears, and other internal organs.

Three output section: the end connected to the equipment, including the output shaft and the output flange.


The servo motor shaft is inserted into the input shaft hole of the planetary reducer, and is accurately connected through the planetary reducer input shaft hole holding device. The servo motor flange and the planetary reducer input flange are accurately connected by screws. This is the input end of the planetary reducer. That is to connect the motor end. (Compared with the keyed connection of the old traditional reducer, the connection of the holding device of the planetary reducer has the characteristics of higher accuracy and larger bearing torque.)

The input shaft hole is precisely connected with the input gear, which is collectively called the sun gear in our planetary reducer. The output shaft and the planet carrier are an integral structure, and there are three or more gears on the planet carrier, which are called planetary gears. The planetary gears mesh with the sun gear evenly. Taking three planetary gears as an example, this torque split structure design makes each gear or each tooth only bear one-third of the torque, which leads to the small size of the planetary reducer and the large load torque. . An inner gear ring is arranged in the planetary gear box body, the output flange is connected with the box body, and the inner gear ring is inserted into the box body. (The inner gear ring and output flange of our Zhuochuang transmission adopt an integrated structure design, and the inner gear ring is inserted into the box body, and its strength and concentricity are better.) The planetary gear on the planet carrier is located in the ring gear , The planetary gears are precisely meshed and transmitted around the inner gear ring. Because the inner gear ring precisely covers the planet gears, the planetary gears precisely mesh to cover the sun gear, making up for the gap caused by the mutual displacement of the two objects, so the precision of the planetary reducer is very high. Planetary reducer is also called servo reducer or servo planetary reducer