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6 matters needing attention in the use of hollow rotating platform

Time:2021-08-14    Edit by ZhuoChuang

Hollow rotating platform is a brand-new rotating load device, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, high rigidity, and high price. It combines the advantages of almost all types of reducers. It is also called servo hollow rotating platform, high precision rotating platform, hollow rotating platform and motor hollow rotating platform. To use the hollow rotating platform correctly to improve work efficiency, the following points should be noted:


1. Avoid connecting to the load side.

2. Be careful with the edges and key sides of the transport.

3. Avoid using a hammer to strike and drop damage.

4. Try to avoid touching the axis of rotation with your hands and other objects during use.

5. When assembling roller skates, connecting keys, and mechanical keys, try to avoid over-installing products.

6. Avoid disassembly or reassembly to avoid damage and damage to its performance.

The reason why it can play an irreplaceable role in the reducer family is mainly because it can be directly connected to improve reliability and reduce costs. The workbench and robotic arm of the required device can be directly installed on the platform to reduce the time and cost of mechanical design, parts deployment, and belt state adjustment. It is free to use various types of flat-pattern motors, and there is no backlash, and the positioning accuracy is less than 1MIN. At the same time, its wiring and piping are more flexible and concise, and it is featured in a wiring environment with complex wiring. Especially great! The structure is a hollow structure, the servo motor is connected to the side, which is convenient for the installation of the air pipe and the wire in the jig, and can have high repeat positioning accuracy, strong high rigidity and high rotation accuracy, and the motor can be configured at will.